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How to conduct the last minute Board exam preparation and its importance?

Board exams play a vital role in shaping the future career of any student, as the grades that a student is able to secure in the board exams essentially shape the future prospects for the student. A student’s life is full of fun and learning until he reaches the stage of appearing in a board examination. The atmosphere becomes serious, and student’s hard work is what all matters while appearing in board exams. The result of the board exam is very important for every student and their parents too, as it’s a career-deciding point in every student’s life. Every parent wants their children to score well in board exams and get admission to top colleges or universities. Students from different streams, like arts, science, and commerce, prepare themselves hard for this examination. Nervousness and tension are noticed in many students before appearing for the exam.

All this happens due to the intense amount of pressure and expectation put on the shoulders of students by their parents or mentors. A fixed score of percentage is kept as a target in the minds of students with their parents. All such things lead to nothing more than nervousness and tension in the student’s mind. Such expectations can put a student in depression and leads in degradation or failure in performance. The final result of the students gets affected by such target burden and suppresses their actual and natural capabilities too. Hence, to prevent children from failure and depression, parents should not put any target scores in their child’s mind.

There are many ways & methods to score a high percentage of marks in Boards examination. Some of those methods include regular coaching classes, self study, regular practice and discussions with teachers. All these methods not only help students in scoring better in board exam results but also clears their concepts in particular subjects studied. Here are some of the last minute methods that an aspirant can try to achieve desired result in the boards:-

Thorough Knowledge of Syllabus:-

Our education system is such that the student is rarely aware of the syllabus. They tend to follow the directions which their teachers give them throughout the 10 years of their school lives. However, the situation is bit different in class 10th and the student needs to be aware of the exact syllabus which they need to follow.s A better way is to consult your teachers on the exact syllabus format or get the copy of the same from the website of the concerned school board, be it Central Board for School Education (CBSE) or any other regional board.

There is very little chance of a question beyond your prescribed textbooks. Ensure you are well versed with each concept and topic in your textbook. Do not ignore diagrams, tables or graphs in your textbooks as questions can be asked on any chapter from the textbook.

Find a place to study

To prepare effectively for the examination, you need to identify a quiet corner of the home, so as to study in peace and prepare comprehensively for the examination. Ensure that you are away from any kind of electronic gadget, be it television or radio as you start your preparations for the upcoming examination.

Eat healthy

Following a healthy dietary schedule is important when you begin preparations for the examinations. Ensure that you take a light dinner whenever you plan to study till late. Overeating decreases the grasping power and you will feel lethargic all the while. This will create difficulty for you when it comes to remembering facts and figures.

Studying till late hours should be avoided in the later stages of the exam preparation. You should never remain awake till late night a day before the examination as this can create headache, the next morning and you might end up in trouble.

Food can affect how you feel and think, it can influence alertness and the ability to concentrate.
Eat little and often, aim to have three meals a day as well as mid morning and mid afternoon snack
Don’t skip breakfast.
Choose foods which are low in sugar.
Choose whole foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Include foods which are high in essential fats such as nuts, seeds and oily varieties of fish
It is important to remain hydrated – aim to drink 1.5 litres a day, avoiding sugary and caffeinated drinks.

Be Active

Apart from keeping you calm, exercising also increases the rate of blood flow around your body, and to the brain as well. This can really help you to think more clearly, and to learn better.

Don’t overdo it, studying for hours without a break will tire you and ruin concentration. Take frequent short breaks while you are working.

While working hard, revising and doing exams it is important to have some fun, reward yourself for achieving what you set out to do. Motivation can be helped if you have something to look forward to.

We hope it’s helpful in order to clear some of the doubts in terms of preparation.
We wish all the very best to all the sentup students and their parents who are working tirelessly to provide them with all the essentials. May the best come to you!

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